"No One is going to be a bigger advocate for you, than you."

"No One is going to be a bigger advocate for you, than you."

- Perfected chaos


I once read somewhere your imperfections are your beauty marks.. and I loved that. As women, in particular, we strive for perfection. Perfection is our guiding principle, a marker to define who we are in society. We’re told to hide our crazy. To fake it till we make it. Add in the complexities of social […]

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make your stress work for you, modern bathroom with tub

Advice Column

10 Ways to Make Your Stress Work For You

“Tension exists throughout the entire body. How it affects you depends on how you manage it. There was a study out of Amsterdam that shows when you touch a stuffed animal (especially is you have low self esteem) it helps relieve anxiety. Some people can self regulate by breathing, meditation, exercise. They develop tools that […]


create the life you're excited to live

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How to create the kind of life you’re excited to live

Are you actually interested in your own life? That’s a loaded question, but really, think about it. Did you create the kind of life you’re excited to live? So often we immerse ourselves into everyone else’s life without even knowing it. We envy other people and what they have going on, instead of creating a […]


LASIK surgery recovery

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I Survived LASIK Surgery and You Can Too

I finally did it. I had “thee” surgery I have been considering for years… LASIK. “No no. You can’t move. The laser just started cutting.” Well, there’s a line you don’t hear often. I saw the light… and it opened up my eyes. Ok, I’m dating myself and changed a few lyrics but you get […]


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