Confidence is Key to Acing the Interview

Hundreds of interviews and one common theme, confidence is key to most anything. Or, is it?

Countless interviews over a decade of time, going over what each role entails and the proverbial checklist of skills required to adequately do the job.

It’s almost never about the role, but rather, the person interviewing for the role.

Candidates who come to the table acting as if they are forced to be there.

The ones who don’t realize that the Recruiter is the gatekeeper to their fate and that a little kindness goes a long way.

Others who can’t recall any significant accomplishments they’ve made along the way.

There were those who mentioned a desired salary so low that out of moral duty I felt obligated to tell them, you deserve more.

Before COVID, when a firm handshake was still all the rage, I had a few candidates throw out a dinosaur arm acting as if they were highly allergic to even the thought of an exchange.

Confidence is key for most anything. But in an interview… it’s a game changer.

You see, the biggest difference between a male and female candidate is typically rooted in mindset.

Statistically, a man is more likely to apply for a position where they don’t check off every proverbial box and may not even come close to having the skills required to do that job.

But a woman on the other hand, has learned along the way that she has to have all the answers, she needs to check off all those boxes and do it all while… balancing in heals.

After interviewing for over a decade.. you begin to see a pattern.

My conversations with people eventually evolved into not only understanding their level of expertise, but also sharing a bit about the company and the potential you would have if you joined.

After all, you should be interviewing the company just as much as they are interviewing you.

Taking the time to invest into each person that came my way was exciting.

I had the ability to see things from a different lens, once being in their shoes but also knowing the business so well.

98% of people believe having a career coach would help them secure a new role faster.

More importantly, when you take time to truly understand what someone is looking for and why and then give them the tools to have the confidence to make it happen, well… there’s nothing better.

No matter how much they prepared, I knew if they lacked the confidence in the skills needed to ace the interview, they wouldn’t get the job.

Often times I hear, “Good question, I’ve never been asked that before”.

Strange, why wouldn’t a recruiter or hiring manger ask you that?

At the end of the interviews I felt like I needed to give them the tools that would help take them to the next level and position them to get the job they wanted.

I would say to people; “if you have another five minutes, I’d love to give you some tips on how to position yourself really well for this interview.”

Most candidates, if not all of them said yes! Absolutely.

The feedback that I got was a resounding, thank you for taking the time to invest back in me.

“No one is going to be a bigger advocate for you, than you.”


Confidence is key.

“No recruiter for any organization has ever given me the tips and knowledge to not only knock it out of the park for your company, but also take those tips and apply it somewhere else if need be.”

People just wanna be seen for who they are and not for what they can do.

I always used to tell my hiring managers that skill can be taught but character cannot.

It was always more important to get to know the person for who they are and not just what they can do.

That’s where the confidence sits… in being seen.

You are not a machine.

Your subject matter expertise is just a fraction of who you are and what you can do.

If you are lucky enough to find someone to bring that out of you and give you a little encouragement, I bet you might just sit a little taller.

Perhaps, nerves will subside and you’ll be excited to share what you have to offer.

I know this, because I’ve seen it countless times.

But… if you are not one of those candidates who is seated at the table with a Recruiter who thinks beyond their role, you must find a way to prepare yourself before you even get there.

You see, hiring managers want to build a winning culture, so walk into that interview as if you are already in that role.

Confidence is key.

And remember, no one knows your experience better than you.

Focus on the facts because you know why you are made for the role. You just have to deliver it in a way that conveys the same message.

Maybe you’re all too familiar with the chaos that can be searching for a role, dusting off your resume, securing the interview, the interview itself…ah then comes the waiting and potential negotiating.

If reading this just makes you want to skip the whole process together and stay in the role you currently have, I get it.

But honestly, you just haven’t had a coach and mentor in your corner to have your back every step of the way.

Laptop screenshot explaining how you must invest in your own personal brand to gain confidence

Confidence is key in acing an interview and you’ve got one shot to nail it.

I help women identify where they are and give them a plan to get them where they want to be so you can walk in with confidence and leave with an offer.

Let’s work together! Reach out directly and together we will customize a package that meets you where you are and get you closer to where you want to go.

Taking a chance on yourself, heck yes. But taking a chance on your career, we can do better than that.


Know someone who could use some help taking their career to the next level? You’ll receive 20% off any PC products and packages for each referral who book a coaching session.

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