3 Steps to Getting What You Want in Life

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You must ask for what you want in life, don’t just expect it to come to you.

Did I just quote Aladdin? Sure did.

Disney is kinda genius when it comes to life advice if you aren’t too immersed to hear it.

Order Up!

If you don’t send your order straight to the universe, how do you expect it to deliver what you want in life?

Some may refer to this as manifesting or the law of attraction. Made famous more recently by the international best seller, The Secret.

This isn’t an overnight ask and you shall receive type process. It must be done proactively and with consistent effort.

You can truly get what you want in life, as long as you are consistent.

The idea is to really think forward and envision your life exactly as you want it. When you do so, you begin to set the foundation for a roadmap to achieve that vision.

I always tell my boys; “what you think about, you bring about”.

Said another way; “where focus goes, energy flows.”

Think about it, if you walk around all gloom and doom assuming nothing ever good happens to me, then why would anything good happen?

Alternatively, if you kept your focus on the things you want and the type of life you want to live, you will more than likely surround yourself with the people and work that will get you there.

Tap into your senses and see it, feel it, smell it, hear whats around you, taste it.

So how do you do this?

How can you “order up” everything you want in life?

Ask for what you want in life
Ask for what you want in life

Step 1: Be specific.

I failed here.

I asked to be a stay at home mom then COVID hit. Technically, I became a stay at home mom WHILE working.

Not exactly what I had in mind. Grateful yes. Sane… well I had many happy hours and meltdowns of my own.

So… choose your words wisely.

Step 2: Visualize and do it often.

Make that vision board. Tape it to your office wall or closet door.

You need to see this all the time as a reminder.

I also recommend you create a vision board or collage and make it the background of your phone.

Yep. Replace that cute little sink bath throwback of your oldest, with your dreams!

Yes, I said it and I don’t regret it.

When you make your dreams front and center they become a priority and a provides a vehicle to give your family the life you want them to have.

Go big or go home here.

Step 3: Don’t just wait around.

Do things that actively position you within the life you want.

Go to those types of places. Hang around those types of people. Network.

When you put yourself in the environment you wish to be part of you increase your chances of making that your reality tenfold.

Act as if.

What else can you do to get what you want in life?

Vision boards are great but journaling is just as important. If you write down your top 3 goals and write out in detail what that looks like to you (tap into your senses), this will become your focus UNTIL it becomes your reality.


Creating a cute vision board and journaling daily isn’t enough. But wait- there’s more!

You have to be willing to do the work. Like I said in step 3, go to those places, hang with those people. Put yourself in the environment you wish to be part of.

I was shopping with a friend the other day and instead of walking directly to the part of the store we could afford now, we walked to the section with the dreamy fabrics, tailored lines and luxury brand labels.

This detour was intentional. If you don’t put yourself in the place you want to be, how do you know what it’s like to be there?

How do you know what you are working towards?

Lastly, always have gratitude for what you do have and what you have done.

Don’t become so focused on your vision that you forget to enjoy right where you are today.

One day you will look back and wish you right here in this very moment.

Don’t take it for granted, not even the challenging parts. Those are meant to teach you.

PS. Dream big my friends, you never know what could happen.

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