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How to create the kind of life you’re excited to live

create the life you're excited to live

Are you actually interested in your own life? That’s a loaded question, but really, think about it. Did you create the kind of life you’re excited to live?

So often we immerse ourselves into everyone else’s life without even knowing it.

We envy other people and what they have going on, instead of creating a reality of our own that we truly love.

We find ourselves glued to Netflix and people on social media, influencers and public speakers etc. wishing that we had their life, but the power lies with you.

Only you decide.

If you’re not truly happy in that relationship, then go a different way.

If you are not thriving in your career and it’s not something that you love doing every single day, then go a different way.

And yes, those major life changes can often be incredibly overwhelming, but your freedom is on the other side of fear.

I am not here to minimize those decisions at all. I’ve been at those crossroads many times and sometimes you have to move forward in the direction that is best for you, not necessarily the one you want.

Sometimes we have to give up the relationships that no longer serve us, even if it’s not what you had planned.

Perhaps the major you declared in college is no longer aligned to who you have become.

Maybe you’ve outgrown the career. The list goes on…

There are so many people out there who have made those big life changes. People that could help guide you through that decision and encourage you to take next steps.

Heck, even plan out the next steps for you. It’s me.. I’m your guide.

You have to decide to make that change. Decide how you want to design your life because nothing.. is ever permanent.

Will it be easy, nope. Worth it? Depends… how bad do you want to feel good?

Recently someone commented on a photo of me I posted on instagram while I was traveling. They mentioned, “man you seem to travel so much”.

Traveling is something that I used to do growing up and my family always took at least one trip per year. And for the most part, it was truly just one trip.

I was fortunate enough to go all over and experience different cultures and different countries, the people and how they lived.

As I got older and I was in relationships and then in a marriage and then eventually had children, traveling wasn’t as easy. It wasn’t as cheap.

Build the kind of life you don’t want to take a vacation to escape.

But last year I said to myself, I really wanna get back to that, it’s something that I truly love, it’s something that lights me up and I need to figure out a way to incorporate that more into my life.

Sharing that with my boys has become so important. I want to show them that there is so much beyond the five numbers that make up our zip code.

I worked harder and found additional ways to make extra money to put towards vacations.

Some things I did that helped:

  • I consigned old toys they no longer played with
  • I sold items from our home that we no longer used on facebook marketplace
  • I started a Poshmark account and then donated anything that didn’t sell
  • We opened a credit card that awards you airline miles on everyday purchases.

Someone once told me, if you want something bad enough, you will find a way.

So far this year, I have traveled almost every two months. Nothing extravagant, but enough to get to each destination and say, we made it and I am so grateful.

Create the kind of life you are excited to live.

Create a life that does not encourage you to look at someone else and say, man I wish that were me.

And I know, I know from experience that this is not easy by any means but it all starts from one decision.

We only get one life, and unfortunately some of our lives are shorter than others.. so the time that we have must be spent valuably.

Figure out where can you make one small change that would get you closer to living the life that you have been immersing yourself in via social media or TV media etc.

Think of the people you look forward to following or receiving updates from. What is it about them or their lifestyle that you envy?

How can you take one baby step to get yourself closer to designing the life you want for you?

The goal isn’t to become them, it’s to realize within yourself that you have the power to be, do and become anything you want.

Excuses are easy. So just remember there is always a way to create the life you’re excited to live, you just have to figure it out.

What are some ways that you have made changes to be more present in your life? Comment below!

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