That Mom Life


I’ve been living a double life.

Before you jump to conclusions and say to yourself, “I knew it! I knew she would (fill in the blank)!” let me explain.

Most of you who know me might be surprised to find out that in between being a mom to my two young boys, navigating marriage and my corporate career, I have been building a business.

And you might be thinking… wait.


How on earth did you find the time and why didn’t you tell anyone?

In full disclosure, I did tell a small few because without them, I wouldn’t have even been able to see my way through the unknown and maintain the effort when sometimes.. a nap sounded way more intriguing.

Shout out to the OG’s in the #PCcrew.

I also didn’t say it happened overnight.

It all started about 10 years ago somewhere in between surviving a devastating divorce and trying to find solace in discovering Carrie Bradshaw and blogs.

Random right? Let me explain.

In my life I have survived many.. and I mean many adversities. But the one that nearly destroyed me was my marriage.

Or the ending of what I never saw coming.

In that very same moment that my marriage ended, I gave life to the most incredible boy.

And without him, my survival was questionable at best.

I don’t mean literal survival, I just mean without having to do my best to function for another human, the result may have been very different.

It’s easy to look back now and say with confidence, every ending is meant for a perfect beginning but at the time I wouldn’t have been able to process that.

And although I had an infant to take care of, the times when he wasn’t with me were rough.

My job stole my attention only so much and when I wasn’t working, I’d often be face down in a mattress hoping to catch my breath when at times, it never came.

This wasn’t just any falling out or typical divorce, it was layered in ways you never think could even be real life.

The details of which I will always protect because in turn I am protecting my son and his privacy.

Perhaps in the future I will share more in the off chance it may help you though something similar.

During this time I would look for distractions.

It came by way of binging millionaire matchmaker (don’t judge) and Pinterest.

At that time, Pinterest was a fairly new addition to social media, a place where people could exchange information and ideas.

My searches consisted mainly of recipes, baby items and occasional wedding gowns (because I am a hopeless romantic or straight up insane).

All of which often led me one click away from someone’s blog.

I may have been a little late to the blogging party but for the moment I was on someone’s site, I was living through them and what often seemed like a great alternative life.

To mine that is.

These were new moms with doting husbands, women who traveled and some who shared my love of fashion.

Moms like Amber Fillerup who at the time lived in NYC, my fav.

There were others like Cup of Jo and Leslie Brinkley of “Her Little Dog Too”, The Honeybee with Andee Layne and Lucy’s Whims.

These women became my virtual friends.

At the same time, again, late bloomer…I found my way into the window of Carrie Bradshaw.

Her life, wardrobe and anecdotal writing reminded me of why I had chosen journalism before later switching to Advertising.

It was as if I was watching part of me on screen, the way she thought and wrote and daydreamed.

Throughout my life, a well written note has always been important to me.

Often I would hear, Lisa you are so good at writing, you really should do something with this.

Short of writing greeting cards, I couldn’t think of anything.

Years later I had this thought of starting a blog, but who would want to read about my life falling apart and me slowly picking up the pieces?

I didn’t want to be in my own reality let alone write about it.

But that idea was planted in my heart and it refused to leave.

10 years later it has slowly evolved into what it is now….

Perfected Chaos.

I often think having the ability to overcome any, and I mean any adversity, is my super power.

As I have gotten older, my perspective has shifted into not only overcoming adversities but rather walking alongside of them and allowing them.. to teach me.

When I look back over my life, I had people serving as pillars. Guiding me one way or another, for which I will forever be grateful.

But there may be some of you, like me, who at times didn’t have a sounding board or know exactly what to do or how.

What I needed was advice from those who had been in that position before.

I needed life advice, career advice and everything in between.

And that’s exactly what I want to be for you.

Here you will find all things lifestyle to career, mixed with a bit of.. hmmm I never thought of it that way.

A one-stop shop that provides you with a bit of clarity and context in your everyday chaos and encourages you to think with new perspective. 

Here you will find binge-worthy advice and career coaching for the modern women.

You know.. the ones balancing heels. Or maybe your favorite pair of Jordan’s.

Either way, I see you because I am you.

So.. welcome, and hang on because I am going to transform your chaos into clarity… at home and in your career, because who say’s you can’t thrive at both.

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