hi, I'm Lisa

I help women transform their everyday chaos
to clarity at home and at the office because who says you cant thrive at both. 

   career coach & mentor
you never knew you needed..


We want options.

The modern woman can have it all... if thats what they want.  

imagine this..

We all have things. We skip through the day shuffling from one place to the next, sometimes on autopilot being everything to everyone. 

Or at least we try to be. 
We are hustlers, dreamers, mom who work, students.. the list goes on. 

But what we all have in common is drive. If your'e anything like me, you want to be able to give 100% at work and at home. But in the midst of the chaos, it's often hard to feel like we can "do it all".

Spoiler alert-doing it all is an illusion. We live in a hurry up society, where saying "I'm so busy" is the new; "I'm doing great, how are you?". Where doing more with less makes you some kind of superhero.

But we persist because people depend on us, we have bills and commitments and best of all-dreams.

But what if you never had to worry about making that next career move? What if you had all the necessary resources to feel confident heading into interviews and negotiations? And what if you had someone to give you a bit of clarity to calm your everyday chaos while juggling that thriving career? 

I am here to give you that clarity to win the day at home and at work -because balance... shouldn't be... so hard. 

Work with me

become the best version of you while pursuing the life you actually want..

Here, you'll find a community of women just like you.

Here, you'll get binge-worthy advice to transition your chaos to clarity.

Here, you'll gain new perspective and confidence being stretched too thin has borrowed.

Here, you will find a plan and resources to take your career to the next level.

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I believe..

I'm known for..

No one is going to be a bigger advocate for you than you. 
In creating balance where there is imbalance. 
Worrying won't change the outcome.
That no matter what happens, you will be ok. 
Perspective is everything. 
The grass is greener where you water it. 

Being bold. Table-scapes and perfecting celebratory events. My inner Carrie Bradshaw. A well-written card and thoughtful presents. The candor of Miranda Priestly and forever swooning over her closet. Travel on my mind and a passport in my hand. Being a mom of two beautifully brilliant boys, wife to my high school dreamboat, and a multi-passionate creative who appreciates a good French 75 and a couture gown as much as lived in sweats. 

Who am I..

Vogue & peanut M&m's

helping you win

airplane must haves

my love language

Grey T-shirts

Slight Obssesion

Taco trucks 

passionate about

the smell of old books and the magic of NYC

all about

French 75

Cocktail of choice


Straight talk,
strong drinks,
short  emails, 
helping you find your superpower

I'm not about

bandaid fixes,
text chains,
artificial people. 


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