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How to Stay Relaxed After Vacation

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You know the feeling.. you are a few hours into being at your destination and the calmness just covers you like a warm blanket.

All you want to do is figure out how to stay relaxed after vacation.. you may have even whispered out loud, can we bottle this feeling up and take it home?

Solitude for the soul.

It’s no secret that while on vacation, you reach a level of relaxation that you don’t otherwise feel at home.

The way your shoulders instantly drop as you exit the hotel to take in the view.

That first sip feeling of a cocktail at sunset.

Or perhaps it’s the deep breathe exhaling as your toes reach the water while internally you’re saying, ahhhh.

The joke in my house is when I mutter the words, “vacation is almost over” on day two.. of seven.

It always flies by no matter how much you try to savor each and every moment.

And yes, the memories are what we go for. But.. it’s in the stillness that we refresh our minds and rejuvenate our souls.

When we do this, we allow capacity for the reality we face upon our return.

Why can’t the feelings of ease rush in just as quickly as the feelings of chaos towards vacations end?

Your shoulders start to creep back up your neck on the plane ride home. The ticker tape of to-do’s begin reminding you that vacations come and go.

But does it have to be that way?

I began to wonder, is there a way to bring back more than the quintessential souvenir so the vacation calm remains?

Thinking back, I dug deep into each vacation day to identify what I did and how it made me feel.

Carefully observing the environment and all the influences surrounding me.

During one of our latest adventures, instead of lying on a beach (which is always a good idea) I woke early. We hiked several trails reaching 17,000 steps a day and on average 7 miles.

Our routine attention grabbers, TV and social media were not a priority. Being unusually active not only felt like a huge accomplishment, but I was present.

I felt calm, tired even. My neck wasn’t tight nor did my back hurt. I was… at ease.

We woke early to get in a full day with the boys. Took in an earlier dinner, showered and were in bed well before we normally are.

The reward… waking the next day refreshed and ready.

No…everyday life/routines don’t always allow for this however, I began to think…why can’t it.

Your schedule is yours and only you decide what you put on it.

Our time is our most valuable currency and how we spend it is a direct reflection of our priorities.

When we think of the words invest, growth, health and wealth; societal norms cast a point of view that is directly related to what we do and not, who we are.

But what we do is just part of our identity. It is not what we do… but rather who we are that matters.

How we feel.

Reflecting a bit on COVID, one of the most beautiful things to come out of such tragedy is perspective.

It allowed people time to decide what was important and what they wanted to do to be happy.

That life wasn’t all about the 9-5 and keeping up with the Jones’ because no one could see them anyway.

Before this, we took Disney trips because if you’ve been, you know how “easy” it can be having everything right there for you.

Now that they’re a bit older, we wanted to venture out and give them a new experience.

Coming home from the vacation mentioned above, I decided to maintain a few of the things that made an impact on me. A few things that helped me to stay relaxed after vacation..

How to stay relaxed after vacation. PC Tips:

  • Get up when you wake up
    • No, I don’t mean wake up for the day if you have a 2 or 3 am potty break. Find a time (say 5 or 6am) and commit that if you wake up anytime after this you will get up and start your day.
  • Set your alarm for different times each day
    • Setting the same time can create too much monotony and people fall victim to boredom. I recommend setting your alarm for 6:43 instead of 6:45 or 7:11 instead of 7:15.
  • Read something
    • Find a topic that interests you or someone you’re inspired by and find out what they are reading.
  • Turn off the TV
    • Yes I said it. Consider TV more of a treat than a habit. You’ll get far more done and you’ll move your body more as well.
  • Move your body for at least 30 min
    • At least, if not an hour. I know that sounds like a lot of time but you can do this by walking before breakfast and after dinner. Maybe even at lunch. The more you move the better you’ll feel.
  • Spend time on what really matters
    • Keep your wardrobe and makeup simple, invest in a good hat if you need to and just get up and go. Our time is valuable so be sure to spend it where it counts.
  • Take time to pause
    • Mediation can be intimidating. It feels forced and structured, although it can be quite the opposite. Finding time during the day that is carved out just for you to just breathe and sit in silence is life changing. Call it a pause, a mommy time out or whatever makes sense for you. We are so conditioned to making hundreds of decisions throughout the day but if you just pause, you create space for patience and creativity to flow.
  • Put your phone down
    • When was the last time you didn’t have your phone in reach. We have become so attached to immediate stimulation we forget what it’s like to simply enjoy what is.
  • Always.. wear sunscreen
    • Your skin will thank you later.

Vacations are only valuable if you take a bit more than the memories home with you. Next time you go, pay attention to how you feel and why.

Create your own list of takeaways to perfect your chaos to stay relaxed after vacation.

Vacations may only last a week but what you get out of them can last a lifetime. If you allow it.

Ps. If you have any additional tips to add to the ones above, please comment below. I can’t wait to read them!

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